Shiso Pte Ltd | Artisanal Canapés & Catering
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Fine Gourmet Affairs

With over 15 years of experience in gourmet catering and event operations, a team of talented culinary and event professionals got together to form their own brand of fine gourmet catering.


Specialising in artisanal canapés and fine dining affairs, Shiso offers only the best culinary experience to complement any corporate event, cocktail function or the occasional soirée.

Shiso provides a complete catering service that includes cocktail receptions, half-day or full-day seminars, buffets, seated lunches and dinners as well as executive bento sets for meals at the office.


With Shiso as your event caterer, you can be assured that its highly experienced catering team will take care of all your event needs from start to finish.


We specialise in creating innovative and delectable canapes. Infusing different flavours to create inspiring, artistic and savoury canapes is what we do. Every canape is consistently handcrafted using the freshest ingredients to ensure quality and taste. An event begins with a cocktail reception. So we make sure that every canape is perfect so we can help you deliver a good first impression.


Gourmet cuisine can be enjoyed at events too and we make gourmet cuisine for events. With a wide selection of cuisine to offer, Shiso is also able to customise your menu to the theme you have in mind. Using only the freshest quality ingredients, the culinary team at Shiso makes magic happen with their gourmet cuisine, bringing satisfaction to every guest at your event.


We give you the peace of mind you need when you plan your event because we become partners in making that event perfect. Our highly experienced operations team is there to ensure your event is nothing but success. We are there to arrange and ensure all your catering requirements are settled so you can focus on other aspects of your event… or perhaps pause to enjoy our food. We want you to know we are dependable as your caterer, and we will deliver all your event catering needs.

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